Support through Sport UK spoke to Chris Sexton about the newly-formed Woking Inclusive Sports Club ...
Hi Chris. When will Woking Inclusive Sports Club be launched?
The club launched on 4th May - but interested parties can turn up as and when they are available.
And are we right in thinking that your club is for young people? And, if so, what ages in particular? 
Yes that's right. The club is currently for 11-19 year olds.
ls your club open to people of all ability levels? So both disabled and able-bodied members?
The club is open to young people with learning and physical disabilities. However, whilst it's predominately for disabled members, able-bodied siblings and parents are more than welcome to join in too.
Can you tell us about some of the sports that will be on offer?
Sure. The sports we'll have will vary each week. They'll include wheelchair basketball, football, tennis, basketball, boccia, table cricket, new age curling and goalball. We also hope to add others in due course
When, and where, doyou hold your club sessions?
Sessions run every Sunday morning between 10am and 12pm at Bishop David Brown School in Woking.
If anyone reading this wants to come along, should they contact you directly?
Yes they can contact me directly on 01483 772470 or at