It's obviously nice to know that Support through Sport UK is having a positive impact - as that's why we launched the organisation ...
'Dear Support through Sport UK. I was in a very bad, violent relationship and ended up in hospital for nine weeks, fighting for my life. I refuse to live in fear or be a victim and so this was one of the main reasons why I used your website and charity to find a local taekwondo club that helps people in difficult situations. I started taekwondo to gain confidence and to be able to help myself. The class I went to did help me, although I was scared a few times as I confronted some of my fears that developed because of what my ex did to me. I managed to focus and switch off. Once again, thank you.'
[Name withheld]
'I certainly look forward to working with Support through Sport UK in the near future.'
[Helen Grant, Minister for Sport]
'Support through Sport UK and Helen Barratt - fast, efficient and helpful.'
[Stoolball UK]
'Support through Sport UK is a wonderful charity and THE place to go if you want to get involved in sport but aren't sure what's available, especially if you are an older person, have a disability or haven't played much sport before. If you need a little inspiration, just check out the interviews page. There really is something for everyone and a sport for all, just give it a go.'
[Sarah Weldon FRGS, Founder of Oceans Project]
'On behalf of our women, children and young people, thank you so much.'
[Sue Foley]
'Thank you for your wonderful encouragement, passion, commitment and sacrifice to address the social well-being of the deprived people.'
[ACAFS Uganda Sport for Change Programme]
'Sport is great for health and fitness, but it is also a development tool for any individual, despite their sporting ability. At the age of eight years old, I was an extremely shy and introverted child, until athletics became my outlet and my confidence began to build. This sport enabled me to focus on achieving my goals on and off the track, which led me to excel at Olympic level. Hence I endorse Support through Sport UK because they understand the importance of sport, mentally and physically, and therefore promote sporting opportunities for everyone within our communities, regardless of their age, gender, ability or culture.'
[Donna Fraser, Olympian and Support through Sport UK Patron]
'You’re doing a great thing. I believe sport changes lives.'
[Sport Tec Enterprise]
'I have taken up three disciplines in athletics and now know that disability need never hold me back. Thank you.'
'It sounds like your charity does fantastic work and I was very pleased to learn more about it.'
[Liz Nicholl, Chief Executive of UK Sport]
'It was a pleasure meeting and working with Support through Sport UK's Claire Allen at our British Blind Sport Visually Impaired Youth Football Tournament in May 2014. Claire’s support on the day was to help raise the profile and awareness of British Blind Sport and the work we do. She met with and talked to the majority of participants in order to obtain a better understanding of the event and how such an impairment-specific opportunity allows for increased participation and further sustained opportunities. Claire thoroughly enjoyed the event and totally engaged with the players, parents, volunteers and the British Blind Sport support staff. She then produced a great event report. Her support to British Blind Sport is very much appreciated and we would like to say a huge thank you to her for this. Hopefully we will get to meet her again in the future'
[George Ferguson, Sport Development Advisor at British Blind Sport]
'I am in absolute awe of the work that Support through Sport UK does and Helen is such an amazing person and such an incredible driving force behind it that the charity will continue to enrich people's lives for many many years to come. Sport should be about making friends, making dreams and achieving things in life that you never thought possible - that's what Support through Sport UK is all about and I truly couldn't be prouder to support them'.
[Dave Holby, Rowing World Records Holder and Support through Sport UK Patron]
'Had a great weekend with over 160 visitors, 80 sailing tasters and several new family members. Thanks.'
'Thanks for helping to support Pinion Special Olympics.'
[Pinion Special Olympics]
'A wonderful sports charity.'
'I have been closely associated with Support through Sport UK for well over a year now. Helen Keeling has been inspirational in her efforts to date, and she has always maintained a keen interest in worldwide sporting charities. We have worked closely together in trying to develop support for rugby in Afghanistan (in the first instance), and are now working closely again to help efforts to promote rugby in Rwanda. Helen's help, support, and expert guidance have been exemplary! I fully support Support through Sport UK. Please join me in helping this MOST worthwhile cause. God bless them!'
[Simon Gilbert, Commander RAN (Rtd) and passionate sports supporter / promoter!]
I just wanted to write and say thank you for the fabulous interview I had with Ed Uff. Ed spent a lot of time talking with me about the motivation and inspiration for my challenge. The article he wrote was a really accurate and supportive reflection of what we discussed. It has been such a help as I've shared it on my Twitter page and many people have said how interesting it is. The article has added an extra level of credibility and depth of information for my followers and the people supporting my challenge. It's a long challenge - eight months to get to my million metres - and media coverage is always so helpful to keep people's attention. I am very grateful for Ed's interview and your support.
[Jo Moseley, Endurance Rower]
'Support through Sport UK is an awesome charity to connect with.'
'Been for a tour of your website. Love what you’re about.'
[Lincoln Hockey Club]
'Just joined an octopush club!'
'Support through Sport UK are doing great work.'
'So pleased to be one of your supporters.'
'For children and families, Support through Sport UK offers so many fun ideas and opportunities to take part in and play sport (both socially and competitively). It's such a valuable resource for those considering longer term engagement beyond the A-Star Sports programme, linking families with a wide variety of accessible and inclusive clubs and initiatives throughout the UK.'
[Sharon Bassett, Founder of A-Star Sports]
'A great UK charity.'
[Malcolm Anderson]
'A top sports charity.'
[Custom Sport Store]
'Sport is a powerful tool to promote peace, tolerance and understanding, bringing people together across boundaries, cultures and religions. Its intrinsic values such as teamwork, fairness, discipline and respect are understood all over the world and can be utilised in the advancement of solidarity and social cohesion. We do understand that sporting initiatives alone cannot stop or resolve conflict, but sport gives us an engaging and cost-effective medium for post-conflict relief work and peace building, as well as future conflict prevention. As the Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Rugby Federation and the founder of rugby in Afghanistan, I would like to thank the Support through Sport UK organisation for their continuous support for the development of mini or kids rugby in Afghanistan. Ms. Helen Keeling has really crossed the border and boundaries by sending a variety of sports shirts, shorts, gears, cones, tops etc. to the more in-need kids in Afghanistan. We believe that organisations like Support through Sport UK can bring a very positive and practical change in the lives of the ignored kids - they are really trying to shine the stars of tomorrow. A huge salute to Ms. Helen Keeling and team for what they are doing from me and all those involved in the development of sport in Afghanistan.'
[Asad Ziar, CEO of the Afghanistan Rugby Federation]