What is the Tanzania Federation of Sports for the Deaf (TFSD)?
The Tanzania Federation of Sports for the Deaf (TFSD) is a national sports, culture and recreation-related Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) that is working to develop sporting, cultural and recreational activities for deaf people around the country. The Federation is committed to developing sports such as athletics, handball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, football and swimming.
When was the Federation formed?
In 1985 by Simeon Corneli Mwakatobe, who believed that every human being, regardless of race, sex, religion, political affiliation and ability, had a right to participate in sport.
What are some of the Federation's key objectives?
  • To maximise the sporting potential of deaf men, women and children.
  • To ensure equal sporting opportunites for deaf men, women and children.
  • To encourage the deaf community to engage in sporting pursuits.
  • To be the national representative of all deaf sports clubs on the Tanzanian mainland.
  • To organise the Tanzanian Deaflympics.
  • To build, and benefit from, relationships with the international sporting community, including organisations such as the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf.
  • To change negative attitudes towards disability.
What support does the Tanzania Federation of Sports for the Deaf require?
The Federation has been dormant for 16 years for a variety of reasons and hence it is looking to relaunch itself. In order to do so, the Federation is looking for support from both within Tanzania and abroad. This support could include the provision of funding or sponsorship - or help with networking, event organisation, club formation, sign language training etc. Therefore, if you, or your sports club, would like to help to relaunch this fantastic initiative, please contact us.