Support through Sport UK was delighted to spend some time chatting to Lisa Russell about the Stone Master Marathoners.
Hi Lisa. First off, where is your club located?
Our club runs from Stone Tennis Club on the Newcastle Road in Stone.
And is it open to both beginners and more serious runners?
Yes, anyone really. We have a specific beginners group on a Thursday that is getting bigger all the time.
Do you have members of all ages?
We have seniors - so over-18s - and our members go into their 70s and 80s.
Your club name infers that you’re all about the longer distances; is this right?
Far from it. There is the opportunity to run the longer distances but on all of our runs there are usually options to cut back after four or five miles. Most members join saying: 'I'm not doing a marathon.' Then they do a half and end up saying that maybe they could do a marathon!
Is the focus on road running or cross country?
We do both road and cross country. Our training runs are often a mix of the two but we take part in the local cross country league and many members do off road events as well as road events
Are there any opportunities to do track training?
Much as we’d love a track, we haven’t got one … it's on our wish list! We have the opportunity to use some of the other local clubs' tracks though.
Is there a good social side to your club?
Yes, there is a really good social side and if you listen to some members you would think we were a drinking club with a running problem powered by Cider not Lucozade!
Why would you encourage people to take up running?
Primarily to keep fit but also the secondary benefits are meeting a bunch of great people who come from such varied walks of life and seeing lots of places that not many people see (when you start heading out across rarely used local footpaths).
And, finally, what’s your role in the club and are you a seasoned marathoner?
I’m Club Secretary and also help out with the races that we organise and the social events. As part of my role I also send out our 'Batflashes' to keep all of our members informed of news, races and, of course, the socials!  I have done three marathons - all London - and have a PB of 4 hours 15 minutes; not great, but not bad either. I would love to do another and go sub four … one day!
Many thanks for taking the time to talk to Support through Sport UK, Lisa.
Club: Stone Master Marathoners
Contact: Lisa Russell;
Brief Description: Running club for 18+, all abilities. Club night: Wednesday, 6.30pm. Beginners: Thursday, 6.30pm. Club run: Sunday 9.00am.