We spoke to Rob Groves about his imminent hand-cycling challenge for BBC Children in Need ...
Hi Rob. Thanks for taking the time to chat to us given that, in just a few days time, you're going to attempt to hand-cycle from Edinburgh to London. What inspired you to take up this challenge?
I spent three years in a very dark place and then, in 2012, I went to the Paralympics and saw the hand-cycling and just sort of knew that this was what I had to do. I was also inspired by my daughter.  
How long do you anticipate it will take to get to London, and will you be cycling at night?
It will take me six days to cycle from Scotland to London and I will be cycling 600 miles. And yes - I'll also be cycling throughout the night.
How did you get into hand-cycling?
My inspiration came from the Paralympics and then my hand-cycle was part-funded by an Aspire Grant (£1,000) and the rest (£4,000) came from family and friends.
What preparation have you had to do to be ready for the challenge?
I have been cycling 50 miles each day and have been doing three hour sessions in the gym four times a week.
If anyone reading this is thinking that they might like to have a go at hand-cycling, what would your advice be?
My message would be that people can achieve pretty much anything that they put their minds to. I actually invited local children with disabilities, including cerebral palsy and physical disabilities, to come and see my hand-cycle in our local town centre. I wanted them to realise that they could take up cycling too and to hopefully provide a bit of inspiration.
Finally, we're sure that lots of our readers will want to support you throughout your challenge. Where can they track your progress?
That'd be great. Readers can follow my progress here and here.
Thanks, Rob, and best of luck with your challenge!