Support through Sport UK interviewed Vicky Williams to find out more about the Paragons Netball Club …
Thanks so much for agreeing to speak to Support through Sport UK, Vicky. As your club’s name suggests, the Paragons is clearly a netball club - but who are your target members? Just girls? And what ages?
Currently our club targets females from the ages of eight upwards.
Where is the club based?
Paragons are based in Swansea, South Wales.
What is your role in the club?
My role is assistant youth coach.
Do you accept both new members who are really serious about netball and new members who are more interested in having fun, getting fit and making new friends?
Yes, we have two senior teams who play netball at a high standard in the West Glamorgan Netball League in the higher divisions and we also have a social team that plays in the lower leagues.
We also invite people to join us purely for the training, so they can enjoy the social aspect of being part of a club.
Our emphasis with the youth teams is enjoyment; netball is a great sport that everyone should enjoy in a safe, competitive and educational environment.
Do your teams play in any leagues?
Yes, all of our teams play in the West Glamorgan League (formerly Swansea Netball League).
Are there any membership fees?
Currently, we do not charge a membership fee - however, as we are part of Welsh Netball, all players must affiliate with Welsh Netball.
Is there a good social side to your club?
Yes, we have a social committee that arrange all of our get togethers including our annual awards evening.
Sport England recently reported that only 13% of women take part in the recommended amount of sport per week. The equivalent figure for men is 20%. What would you say to encourage more girls to lace up their trainers?
I would say get out there and try new things - you never know, you might like it. And, if nothing else, I'm sure you will gain some new friends and toned legs :)
Thanks again for speaking to Support through Sport UK and we hope that your fantastic club continues to thrive!
Club: Paragons Netball
Contact: Mrs Pippa Barrow/Mrs Ruth Bennewith/Miss Vicky Williams;
Brief Description: We are a friendly, successful netball club and a sociable group of girls who have enjoyed playing together for many years. In our club we have many abilities and we welcome new players who are serious about netball or want to play for fun and just keep fit.