Support through Sport UK chats to Emily Arnold about the Nice Bristols ...
Hi Emily. So who are the Nice Bristols?
We are a women's Ultimate Frisbee team based in Bristol. We were established in 2004 and have consistently ranked amongst the top four women's teams in the UK (we're currently second). We're easily recognisable due to our red shirts and our massive smiles!
Tell us a bit more about Ultimate Frisbee. What are the basics?
Ultimate Frisbee is a 7-aside team game played on a pitch with end zones marked out at either end. The aim is to move the disc up the pitch and catch it in the opposition's end zone to score. Players can't run with the disc and must release it before their marker counts to ten. It is a non-contact sport and is extremely fast moving as players must sprint to lose their markers and find space within which to receive the disc. Players can sub off in between points and teams usually consist of at least 14 players due to the physical demands of the sport.
Is it true that you field some GB players?
Our current World's squad of 24 players includes 16 women who have represented GB, including three former GB captains! Nice Bristols was founded by former GB Women's captains and has representatives from the GB Juniors, Under 23s, Masters, Mixed and Women's teams.
Congratulations on qualifying for the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships in Italy. That must be hugely exciting?
To say we are excited about qualifying for the Worlds would be an understatement - we are beside ourselves with excitement! We've been floating on a cloud of excitement since we qualified in September (the first time in our club's history). As the Championships get closer, we're getting even more excited - and there are still five months to go!
Loving the energy and excitement! If anyone wants to support your fundraising campaign to get to Italy, where can they find out more?
Through our fundraising page. All other information can be found on our website and we can be followed on Twitter @NiceBristols. We also have a blog at tumblr/nicebristolsultimate and on the Sportsister website.
You've been voted ‘Spirit of the Game' winners at both the Nationals and Europeans, two years in a row. What does this mean exactly?
Ultimate Frisbee is self-refereed and so Spirit of the Game is the sport's guiding philosophy. Each player has an individual responsibility to know the rules and to acknowledge any infringements they may make. Any disagreements and rule breaches are resolved by the players themselves and if an agreement cannot be reached then the call is simply contested and the disc goes back to the previous thrower.
At the end of a game, each team scores the opposition on a number of criteria relating to fair play, knowledge of the rules and self-control. These scores are tallied up at the end of the tournament and a Spirit prize is awarded to the team with the best score. Nice Bristols pride themselves on their sportwomanship and their ability to play at an increasingly elite level without sacrificing these values. This has been recognised by our peers at both domestic and international tournaments since the club's inception!
Do you have any beginner or intro. sessions for any Bristolians who are reading this and fancy coming and having a go at Ultimate?
We are currently focused on preparing the squad for Worlds but we will have open and development sessions throughout the winter and at the start of next season. So do get in touch after September if you’re keen to try the sport! Alternatively we could run a beginners or team building session as part of our fundraising efforts if you’d like to book a group session with us.
If we were in an elevator and you had a minute (it's a tall building) to promote the sport of Ultimate to somebody, what would you say?
On the field there's nothing like the feeling of breaking free from your marker and sprinting long to receive a perfectly weighted disc from your team mate, arcing effortlessly through the sky and into your hands for the score! And on the sideline there is the indescribable elation of watching your team mate put on a burst of acceleration and dive through the air to get a block or interception.
Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that you can play at an elite international tournament or at a beginners' indoor event, but at all levels you will experience the utmost respect from other players. The sport is a bastion of fair play and sportsmanship, which breeds an atmosphere of genial camaraderie between teams. There is a community spirit within the sport and wherever you go in the world you will always be welcomed by a local club. And there is always a cracking party to go to!
That's an awesome elevator pitch, Emily! Thanks so much for talking to us and best of luck at the Worlds!
Club: Nice Bristols
Contact: Jennifer Hart;
Brief Description: Women's Ultimate Frisbee team based in Bristol. Currently ranked second in the UK. Nationals and European Spirit of the Game winners 2012 and 2013. We recently qualified for the World Ultimate Club Championships to be held in Lecco, Italy in August 2014.