Support through Sport UK spoke to Brendon Price about the Mattersey Rifle and Pistol Club.
Many thanks for speaking to Support through Sport UK, Brendon. Firstly, how did your club come about?
The club started in 1979, leasing the land from Tarmac. We bought the land in February of this year with the help of a loan from the Wildlife Trust through BASC and with loans from members.
Is your club open to both beginners and more serious shooters?
The club is open to non FAC (Fire Arm Certificate) holders (beginners) and FAC holders.
Is it necessary to do some kind of induction before becoming a fully-fledged member?
Both FAC and non-FAC holders go through an induction process before they can join the club. This is three months for FAC holders and six months for non-FAC probationers. FAC holders have to do a minimum of five supervised visits and non-FAC holders do 12 supervised visits before being considered for full membership.
What shooting disciplines do you offer? What’s a good discipline for a novice to start with?
We offer target shooting for all calibers, from .17 HMR to .338. This includes target rifles, underlever rifles, black powder rifles and pistols, long barrell revolvers and shotgun slug. We also have plate and bianchi ranges. A novice usually starts with a .22 rifle.
Does the club compete in any leagues?
The club runs and competes in a variety of competitions.  We have just run Classic Rifle and the Mattersey 10 (ten different events) and the Easter Egg shoot was run previous to these competitions (a mini egg is used as a target at 100 metres).
Do you have members of all ages?
We have members of all ages and we are activitely promoting younger members.
Does you club cater for people with disabilities?
We have several disabled members who have been shooting at the club for some time. Now that we own the club we will be improving our facilities for them.
Is there a good social side to the Mattersey Rifle and Pistol Club? Can you give examples of some recent events?
The club competitions are the focus for our social events with some other clubs coming up every year to compete. We provide catering at the larger competitions.
Why would you encourage people to give shooting a go?
Shooting provides a level playing field for both sexes, for young and old. It requires concentration, skill and experience. Team GB's success in the Olympics shows that this is a growing sport which can be participated in just for fun or for serious competition.
Many thanks for taking the time to talk to Support through Sport UK.
Club: Mattersey Rifle and Pistol Club
Brief Description: Mattersey have 10 ranges and offer a wide range of shooting disciplines including a new air rifle division. This friendly club is within easy reach of Nottingham, Lincoln, Doncaster and Sheffield.