Support through Sport UK spoke to Liu Batchelor about her fantastic Sport Relief challenge ...
Hi Liu. Tell us more about your 100 day challenge.
So I’m doing a fundraising challenge for Sport Relief 2016 in which I'm aiming to participate in 100 different sports over 100 consecutive days. As part of the challenge, I’m creating a video diary that features all 100 sports. And, as part of the diary, I'm showcasing both the sports and the associated clubs. The idea is to allow anyone watching to see what a basic / beginner session is like, which will hopefully inspire them to try out the sport too. 
You can find the videos on YouTube or Facebook, and you can follow me on Twitter.
I live in Kent and I’ve been so impressed at how many sports / sports clubs there are locally - many of which I never even knew existed!
I've set myself a big fundraising target of £10,000 - but if you break this down it's only £100 per sport, which doesn’t sound quite so daunting! However, as I approach the final quarter of my challenge, I really need everyone to get behind me and donate. So please do support me here.
Sounds fantastic! So when will you be trying your final, and hundredth, sport and do you know what it will be yet?
I started the challenge on 11th December, 2015, and my last day / sport will be on Saturday 19th March ... which is the weekend of Sport Relief.
I’m hoping to try out a particularly unusual / cool / crazy sport for my 100th sport - but I'm still trying to arrange this and so I'm keeping it under wraps for now! However if anyone has any suggestions, or better still has contacts, for a really unique sport, then I'd love to hear from them.
What inspired you to take on this challenge?
A few things really...
As a child, I loved the TV show Trans World Sports (where they showcased athletes partaking in unusual / minority sports). However I remember being a bit annoyed that I couldn't watch the show and then go out and actually try the sports myself (as they occurred all over Europe). So I always thought it would be cool to do a local / UK version, so that anyone who watched it could then go and try out some of the sports themselves.
In addition, over the past ten years I’ve been lucky enough to be very involved in both wake boarding and later bodybuilding. However injury has caused me to have to move on from these sports - so I'm now looking for my next sport and this challenge is helping me to figure out what it should be!
I believe that there is a perfect sport out there for everyone - regardless of your sporting background or situation - so I hope that my challenge will motivate people to find a sport that really inspires them. You hear of so many people who embark on a new fitness regime in January, only to drop it in February! In addition, there're people who think that they're no good at sport because they haven’t been good at the 'mainstream sports' in the past. However I feel that these two groups of people just haven’t found a sport which is right for them yet. I think that when they do, they won't have to try to motivate themselves anymore ... instead they'll be dying to get onto the pitch / court / track every week!
Of all the sports you've had a go at so far, what have been your personal highlights?
Oooh that’s a tricky question as there are quite a few! I've particularly enjoyed roller hockey, fencing, climbing, kayak polo and street dance.
And thankfully none of the above involve too much running - so my knees wouldn’t be too angry with me if I took any of them up!
Why would you encourage people to get active and take up a sport?
Throughout this challenge there've been times when I’ve been really tired or not felt very motivated. However every time I've gone out and done a sport my whole mental state has improved and I've felt energised, confident and optimistic. I think it's the days when you don’t want to go and do sport that you get the most out of sport. This positive feeling then starts to seep into all areas of your life and you generally feel happier!
We thoroughly agree! So what are your next steps?
I've still got a number of sports to complete - so I’d really appreciate everyone’s support in both helping me to reach my fundraising target of £10,000, and helping to share the video diaries in order to inspire more people to get out there and find their perfect sport.
Thanks, Liu. This is a great challenge. So please follow Liu's videos and help her reach her fundraising target, everyone!
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