Support through Sport UK went along to Day One of the Invictus Games - the athletics at Lee Valley Stadium ...
First up was the ambulant IT1 100 metres, in which the British Team made a fantastic start, claiming gold and silver thanks to Alex Tate and Kushal Limbu.
The IT1 event was followed by the 100 metre events for the other classifications. Britain took gold in the men's wheel IT4 thanks to Joe Townsend.
Next on the track were the 1,500 metre races, in which the ambulant IT1 event was won by Britain's Andrew Grant. Another great British (sorry!) performance came from Joe Townsend, who claimed his second gold of the day in the IT4. Joe didn't just win the race - he stormed it - overtaking pretty much the whole of the field. A name to remember for Rio maybe?
The Brits also fared well in the 200s, with golds for Kushal Limbu in the IT1 event and David Henson in the IT2. Henson, the British Captain, fielded some of the best fans that Support through Sport UK has ever had the pleasure of sitting by! In David's event, Brit Derek Derenelagi (well-known for his chin-ups in the Games' adverts) took a fall. However, showing the spirit of a true warrior, he got back up and managed to finish the race - to the roar of the appreciative crowd. Also taking gold in the 200s was Joe Townsend - three out of three.
Rapidly becoming the story, and star, of the Games, Joe Townsend also took gold in the 400 metres.
The day ended with the mixed relay event, in which the US took top honours.
The word 'inspirational' is used a lot these days - but if ever there were an event that really was inspirational, it was this one.
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