Support through Sport UK spoke to Davey about East Soccer Base …
Hi Davey. Tell us about East Soccer Base - what is its mission?
East Soccer Base’s mission is to help target emotional vulnerability and promote social inclusion. We use sport as a tool to help people grow. The organisation believes that it can change young people’s lives for the better by providing them with an environment where they are able to get involved in new societies, create and innovate, be ambitious, develop their talents, build better futures and boost their employability.
So, as well as getting young people to reap the many benefits of sport, you offer a whole host of other services too? Can you tell us about some of these services?
Yes. We provide things such as:-
  • In-house leadership courses
  • Conflict resolution courses
  • Mediation and stress management workshops
  • Employability coaching (interview skills, job searching, CV writing, vocal lessons etc.)
  • Drop-in sessions
  • Information, advice and advocacy services
  • Anti-bullying workshops
  • Outreach services
  • Mentoring and education support services
  • Support and friendship groups
  • Social events and activity programmes
Who is eligible to join your organisation?
Anyone from the ages of 6 - 25-years-old. 
How have you seen people develop as a result of being part of East Soccer Base?
We have seen many of our users really grow and change their lives. East Soccer Base has been a hub for many young people, which has allowed them to focus on what they love doing in a safe environment away from the distractions of their everyday lives.
We have seen many of our boys return to education and find career paths as a result of our mentoring and advice services. We had one member, James, train up as a football coach and he now heads up our U14 and U15 training.  
We have had over 100 members go on to play for, and sign with, professional football academies.
We regularly receive positive feedback from our users, their parents, their schools and the local authorities. We work alongside these groups to tackle many of the social issues the young people face. 
So if anyone reading this wants to join the organisation, should they just turn up - and where and when?
We have contact numbers on our website. So please do call or text to book onto a session. It’s good to know how many attendees we will have before each session. However, if anyone is unable to book, we are happy for them just to turn up as we do often have people just turn up with friends. 
Other information:-
  • To book, call Milliam on 07584657703.
  • Sessions are held on Tuesdays and Fridays from 7pm to 9pm and there's a small fee.
  • Sessions are held at Kingsford Community School, Kingsford Way, Becton E6 5 JG