This summer, A-Star Sports teamed up with The Unbeatables to inspire more kids to enjoy sport and get truly excited about fun physical activities.
As a brand partner for the children’s box office release The Unbeatables (Vertigo Films), A-Star Sports teams across the UK hosted themed parties, holiday clubs and a film launch event to celebrate accessible, inclusive opportunities to play new games centred on the characters and themes from the award-winning film.
The Unbeatables is a touching story of triumphing against the odds. Amadeo (Rupert Grint) is a young boy who lives for his time playing table football on his own. When his table is destroyed he fears his life is ruined, until he hears his name being called. The person saying his name is Loco (Peter Serafinowicz), one of the players from his table; he has come to life. Fun and frolics ensue as Amadeo embarks on an adventure with his best friends.
With this adventure in mind, children at A-Star Sports were introduced to giant (sports hall-sized!) table football, the wig relay (taking on board the super hair styles of The Unbeatables and football players past and present), rats versus The Unbeatables, Lara’s bodyguards and the Loco, Rico, Flash and Amadeo team challenge - to name but a few!
Sharon Bassett, Director and Coach at A-Star Sports, explains: 'It’s been lovely to bring together so many things that children love - great characters, a captivating story, games and activities to play with their friends and something to enjoy with their family. It’s provided both coaches and children with the inspiration to create new games and enjoy an action-packed summer with a brand new twist.'
This summer’s activities also inspired a new A-Star Sports blog post - Sport, the media and self-esteem in children. Such positive sporting experiences can have an incredibly positive effect on self-esteem and highlight the power of sport in all our lives. And when new approaches can be inspired by the positive themes supported by film makers and other strong influencers on children’s lives, all the better.