Support through Sport UK's Helen Keeling found out the following from the Afghanistan Rugby Federation's CEO - Asad Ziar ...
Hi Asad. Can you tell us a bit about the Afghanistan Rugby Federation and what we can do to help?
The aim of the Afghanistan Rugby Federation is to support youngsters who are choosing to participate in sport against a backdrop of violence, conflict and suffering. The Federation is not making judgments about the war, or about any individuals, it is simply focused on encouraging youngsters to do something positive, results-oriented and fun, in the hope that it will encourage them to not become part of the violence, war and drug addiction.
For the Afghanistan Rugby Federation to succeed, it is reliant on support from around the world. The Federation has a transparent financial and monitoring system and would welcome any financial donations - or the receipt of new, or used, rugby kit.
Does the Afghanistan Rugby Federation try to get Afghan girls into rugby?
Yes - we have started introducing rugby to school girls. My Western friends and colleagues had suggested that I do something for girls too and so, in June 2013, we gathered circa 600 girls and their sports teachers into a conference hall in one of Kabul City’s Girls' Schools. We distributed rugby leaflets to all the attendees and then started explaining the sport to to them. The lecture was delivered by the talented and hard-working rugby coach - Mr. Omar Haidary - who was accompanied by his colleague Mr. Ahsan. At the end of the lecture, the students and teachers asked many questions about the sport.
I would like to thank Ms Sahaba Malik Kharoty for all her help. Ms Kharoty is the Principal of a school and has vast experience in working for the development of women in Afghanistan. She is committed to helping us with our future activities.
At the end of the conference, we distributed application forms to the interested girls, and we are delighted that more than a hundred girls joined our rugby training sessions the following week.
So if anyone reading this would like to make a donation to the Federation, or if any of Support through Sport UK's registered clubs, or any other sports clubs, have any kit that they could donate, please contact Support through Sport UK or Asad directly:
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